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Welcome to Shaarade


We understand the apprehensions of the parents and the feelings of the young ones who have just stepped out of their homes and hence would like to ensure our prospective parents that their kids are nurtured in a homely, conducive environment which is on par with the parenting at home. A child at Shaarade is given the same undivided love, affection and care which he or she would enjoy at home. We want to extend our help in parenting because we have faith in the saying, ' Receive the child in reverence, educate them with love and set them forth in freedom '.

Believing that parents are not mute spectators, but active partners in the Teaching-Learning process, we seek complete co-ordination from parents. They are always welcome to share their views, express their concerns, give valuable suggestions and feedback.

We have also introduced a unique facility of allowing the prospective parents to visit our School campus with prior appointment and spend a day to familiarize themselves with the school activities. They are even allowed to sit in the classrooms and observe the actual teaching process in the class. This is because we believe that a child's education becomes more meaningful only if teachers and parents join their hands and work together in complete co-ordination .

A child and its parents become integral part of our Shaarade family, the day they enroll their names with us.
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