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Rules & Regulations


  • Students must be in the school campus by 8:20 a.m. If a student is late to school, the late attendance record in the dairy will be marked and the same must be acknowledged by the parents. Habitual late coming will be viewed seriously.
  • Students must come to school daily in neat and clean uniform. Neatness and cleanliness is to be insisted upon at all times.
  • Text Books and Note Books should be brought to school as per the class time table. No book other than the prescribed text books, papers or periodicals should be brought.
  • Note books, assignments and project work must be submitted on time.
  • Electronic gadgets such as calculators, iPods, headphones, mobile phones, cameras, wrist watches with alarm, etc. should not be brought to school. If students are found bringing any such gadgets, the same will be confiscated.
  • The school will not be responsible for the loss of personal property of any students.
  • Self-help has to be encouraged to inculcate dignity of work.
  • It is important that the students cultivate the best etiquette and conduct themselves well in school and wherever they go. It is important that the students bear in mind the fact that the school is judged by their conduct, behaviour and performance.
  • Students should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in an amiable and audible tone wherever they meet in or outside the school.
  • All students are expected to be fair, honest, courteous and considerate towards others.
  • Malpractice during examination and tempering with marks in the progress Report will be viewed seriously.
  • Students should take care of school property and keep their classrooms absolutely clean and tidy. Writing, scratching on desks, chairs, walls or doors of the school is prohibited.
  • Children suffering from contagious/infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school till the quarantine period is over and unless a fitness certificate from a medical prescription is submitted.
  • The pages of the student's personal information are to be duly filled in and signed by the parents
  • Any change in the students personal information in the middle of the academic year should be furnished in writing to the school.
  • Ensure your child attends school regularly.
  • Include nutritious food - fresh fruits, salads, sprouts, dry fruits etc to maintain a balance diet. No junk, avoid jams, jellies, sugar , sauce etc. Kindly send lunch box with your ward. Sending lunch boxes later during school hours will not be entertained unless it is emergency.
  • Check the assignment books and the school diary daily. Sign the child's diary on daily basis for circulars and other notes sent. For all purposes and communication, diary should be used.
  • A student Identity card will be issued to every student. Students must wear the personal ID card every day to school.
  • Parents must attend the schedule PTM in the interest of their wards.
  • In case of damage to any school property due to carelessness or negligence of any student, the parent will have to bear the cost of replacement of equipment/property so damaged, individually or collectively.
  • Permission to take your child home during school hours will not be granted unless in case of emergency.
  • Refrain from taking teachers' personal phone numbers. For all purposes, contact the reception desk -080-26668563.
  • When the child is absent for a day make sure that you enter in the 'leave-record' of the diary and sent to school the next day.
  • If the child is going to be absent for more than 2 consecutive days, prior permission from the Principal has to be sought.
  • The management will not be responsible for any mishap or accident although adequate safety measures will be taken.
  • The decision of the Management is final and binding in all matters.
  • Request for Study Certificate, Transfer Certificate, etc should be given in writing, which will be issued after two days.
  • The school will not be responsible for students who are in school premises before and after school working hours.
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