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Welcome to Shaarade

Our philosophy commits us fully to the notion of a holistic and sound education which cherish as academics and arts and sports as well, including Moral Science essential to each and every student's character building that begins at birth and necessitates for parents and teachers to be an integral part of every aspect of schooling.

We are equally committed to teaching our students to have a commitment towards making our world a better place by being benevolent ,hardworking and sympathetic human beings. Each child is special and each child is important.

We, as teachers strive hard to bring about all-round development of our pupils. Our esteemed institute provides various activities under one roof. Parents with their hectic schedule at work and home can rest assured that their wards are privileged to avail all co-curriculum activities under one roof.


OUR VISION To empower children to demonstrate and exercise scientific, cultural and social values through excellence in education.


OUR MISSION The school's mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out their best and enabletheir all-round development through the joy of learning . We help them imbibe highest moral values , uphold cultural and religious diversity by Providing a safe, secure and congenial environment to all . We also encourage our pupils to love NATURE and protect it in order to Leave behind a secure, safe, clean and environment for posterity.

Agreement of tie-up between Shaarade High & AIM Montessori

Sub: Proposal to tie-up with AIM Montessori to be a feeder school to Sharade High.

AIM Montessori, established in 2016, with an aim to popularise Montessorieducation in the local area, has been consistently growing and claims to have 146 pupils.

Sharade High being closely located to AIM, the later is interested in being a feeder school to the former.

The management of both institutions have had a conversation regarding the tie-up of AIM Montessori being a feeder school to Sharade High.

The following points have been discussed & agreed upon .

  • 1. To sign an agreement between Sharade High &AIM Montessori OR for Sharade High to issue a certificate to AIM Montessori of being a feeder school to Shaarade High.
  • 2. That AIM MONTESSORI can make an official announcement of the tie-up on their website, hoarding, brochures and on their annual day.
  • 3. To admit 36 outgoing AIM Montessori Pupils to the 1st grade inSharade High .
  • 4. Sharade High will provide an opportunity for AIM Montessori to conduct sports day at their campus on a weekend, so that parents of pupils of AIM Montessori can have a first-hand experience of the facilities at Shaarade High Campus.
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